Danielle Panarello, Director of Operations  |  danielle@haleykammerer.com  

Danielle was born and raised in Media Pennsylvania. She enjoyed cooking as a young person but despite being urged by her father to pursue a degree in the culinary arts decided on a more practical path, attending the University of Delaware where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout college Danielle worked in local restaurants and relocated to Rehoboth Beach where there was a vibrant, if small, restaurant scene. It was during this time that she decided to finally drop everything and attend The Restaurant School in Philadelphia where she received a degree in cooking and baking.

Danielle has worked as  pastry chef for local restaurant icons LaLa Land, The Back Porch CafĂ©, and Eden. During her twelve year tenure at Eden she also became the director of operations and events coordinator. Danielle lives in Rehoboth Beach with her husband George.